This is documentation of Camport3 SDK, the SDK to develop applications for Percipio Depth Camera by Percipio.

The Percipio Depth Camera uses a patented active stereo technology more robust than stereo or structured light even under very bright ambient light or darkness.

Percipio Depth Camera Development Components

Percipio Depth Camera Development Components

The Percipio Depth Camera Development Components, provides API, workflows and examples to develop applications for Percipio Depth Camera using Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • 如果观察到任何外部损坏,不要打开产品电源。

  • 不要试图打开该激光产品的任何部分。除非可更换的玻璃面板,该处没有用户可维护的部件。

  • 打开时会有不可见的激光辐射。避免直接暴露在光束之下。

  • 不要以任何方式修改或维修此产品。硬件的修改或维修可能会导致排放超过一级。

  • 不得使用眼镜放大镜或者放大镜等任何放大元件。

  • 不要试图更新为并非针对特定摄像头模块和版本的非官方版本。

CAUTION: Use of controls and adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
Safety and Handling Instructions:
  • Do not power on the product if any external damage was observed.

  • Do not attempt to open any portion of this laser product, except replace the glass panel.

  • Invisible laser radiation when opened. Avoid direct exposure to beam.

  • Do not modify or service the product in any way, except replace the glass panel. Modification or service of the hardware might cause the emissions to exceed the Class 1 level.

  • No magnifying optical elements, such as eye loupes and magnifiers, are allowed.

  • Do not try to update camera firmware that is not officially released for specific camera module SKU and revision.


  • Join the QQ group (602754096) to ask questions and find community resources.

  • Check the Issues section on GitHub if you find a bug or have a feature request. Please check existing Issues before opening a new one.

  • To develop applications using OpenNI2 platform, refer to OpenNI2.

  • To develop applications using ROS platform, refer to ROS.

  • For additional Percipio Depth Camera product related information, please refer to official website site or send email to support@percipio.xyz.